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Since 1942 our values have been fundamental to our success, they are the foundation of our company. These values define who we are and set us apart from our competition. They underlie our vision of the future, business strategies and decisions, employee hiring and supervision, actions and behaviors. We live by our values and they endure as our company has for over 65 years.
These core values strengthen and reinforce one another and link our proud history to our bright future. Our 7 core values are:
Customer Commitment We are committed to make every effort to ensure we meet our promises.
Community Partnership We will support our fellow employees and our surrounding local communities and help to create a better life.
Integrity Our integrity goes far beyond what is required by law or is standard industry practice.
Action Orientation We will never let internal departmental boundaries stop us from moving forward. We will never allow creeping bureaucracy to slow our advance. We will use forward looking data to prevent problems. We will solve a problem when it first appears and verify the effectiveness of the solution.
Vision Our decisions and actions will be guided by our vision of the future to ensure that we will continue to prosper and grow. This will enable us to service our customers and support our community another 65 years.
Entrepreneurial We will continuously seek out newer and better products, services, and internal processes. We will find unique ways to provide solutions to our customers.
Quality We will remain number one in the quality ratings of our products and services when rated against all competitors. We will maintain a closed loop quality system that promotes, advances and rewards quality improvement.


Sharon Morrison
CEO DAE Systems / Dynamic – Air Inc.

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5 November, 2013
DAE Supplies Fans for New Zumwalt-Class Destroyer
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