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Welcome to DAE Systems.

As the third generation in charge of our cutting edge, high performance, privately held corporation, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally introduce our company, philosophy and product areas. As you explore our website learning more about our company, please remember you may also contact us directly by using one of the forms, clicking an e-mail link or calling on the phone.  We welcome your inquiry and will make every effort to respond in the professional, capable manner you would expect of a company  that has been incorporated for more than sixty five years.

Our company was founded by my grandfather in 1942 with the development of a revolutionary new invention – what we believe was the first fan-forced airborne combustion heater. During World War II, the B-25 and A-26 aircraft flying over Germany at high altitudes would experience freezing temperatures, which in turn would freeze the lubricating grease in their machine guns. Harry Glascock’s invention ensured that, every aircraft fitted with our heater would be able to defend itself against enemy interceptors, regardless of the temperature extremes.

Since that time, our products have been used on countless aerospace and defense-related products in service worldwide. Whether in the air, on the ground, or over water, during conflict or peacetime our products have served with distinction for military and commercial customers the world over. Fully qualified to a multitude of standards on noise, shock, performance, vibration, EMI and RFI emissions as well as environmental extremes, you are assured that our products can be relied upon for years to come.

Many of you know us as “Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc” and may not be aware of  the implications of the new “DAE Systems” banner. Let me assure you that nothing has changed organizationally – we have merely begun to market the other elements of our core business as separate concerns. This includes Ripley, our commercial/industrial fan, motor, and air filter line; Mil3PL, our logistics and services wing; MilMotion, our engineered electromagnetics line; Dynamic Air, our engineered fan line and AMPrecise, our custom machine services division. All of these elements have, in fact, been in service since our incorporation in 1942, and have now been developed as separate lines. Over the past few years, we have successfully developed a new customer base in these other lines and look forward to adding many of you to our growing client list.

Our personal mission of providing the most cost effective, highest quality solutions to our customers extends throughout each one of the groups listed above. Our highly skilled staff members look forward to exceeding your expectations of quality, delivery and cost at every level.

I sincerely appreciate your visit today, and on behalf of all DAE Systems employees, can assure you we all look forward  to serving your industry needs.


Jeremy I. Morrison,



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