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Dynamic-Air Engineering, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of military and FAA qualified, scalable air moving systems for the aerospace industry. Harry Glascock founded Dynamic-Air Engineering, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA in 1942 when he developed what is believed to be the first fan-forced airborne convection heater for the Army Air Corps. Since then, Harry's company established an unsurpassable reputation in providing custom, high reliability air management solutions.

In 1964, the company headquarters moved from Los Angeles to where it remains today in Orange County, CA. Over the subsequent years, Dynamic-Air Engineering became DAE Systems by adding several divisions with specialized products and services.

In 1976, MilMotion, which designs and builds military and FAA qualified motion components and systems for the defense, medical, and resource exploration markets as well as other demanding applications, became part of the DAE Systems family.

In 2010, DAE Protection began operations, providing small arms, armament subsystems, non lethal defense technologies and services to the military and law enforcement sectors both domestically and internationally.

After Harry Glascock died, his wife, Nancy, assumed control of the company full time. Nancy was assisted by her daughter and son-in-law, Sharon and Hugh Morrison, who took executive roles in day to day operations. When Nancy retired in 1990, Sharon and Hugh continued to grow the business. Their son, Jeremy Morrison, joined the company in 1997. Now, with Sharon as CEO and Jeremy as President, DAE Systems continues to keep Harry's legacy alive through its third generation by remaining personally accessible to customers, suppliers and employees.

For over 70 years DAE Systems has served and helped to define the defense, aerospace, and commercial industries around the globe while preserving its Dynamic-Air Engineering flagship brand and family origin. DAE Systems has remained in the family, which has fostered a culture where customers and employees are treated as honored members of the extended family.

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